that thing you want


think about that thing you want

the thing you want, the next thing on your list

the if i only had that thing right now, then things will be fine

if only things were this way, if only this thing were the case

do you have that thing in mind?


what about the next thing?

what’s going to happen when you actually got the thing?

“yes! finally i got the thing! my life is complete!”

cool. but what do you do when your life is complete and you have the thing?

“oh shit. im still here. what do i do?”

see, you’re still here, and you still have all this stupid time to kill

i propose that you don’t chase that “thing”

and keep preparing for the next thing once you already have the thing

then you never have to stop getting that thing, whatever it is

you’re already focusing on getting the next thing

before you know it, you’re flying!

you’re getting exactly what you want always

you’re always prepared to not only get the thing you want, but the thing after it too!

you’ll shoot up into the stars like this

Calvin Tian Li

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