how to floss more

how to floss more

have multiple flossing locations throughout your living place

perhaps even have designated non-flossing locations as well

for example, i don’t floss in the same room i brush my teeth in. maybe this helps me remember to keep the two practices distinct and intentional

try to floss more often, even if you only floss around maybe 2 or 3 teeth.

you don’t even need to floss on a schedule, like once a day versus twice a day versus once a week.

instead, strategically place your flossing locations in areas that you already frequently go to

remember, you can do lots of incomplete flossing. maybe just around a couple of teeth. just get used to the feeling of it and maybe even enjoy it.

you can just floss that one place that’s been bothering you. or maybe just floss some random tooth gap that doesn’t even bother you. whatever it takes to make you feel like “i flossed because i FELT like it and i CHOOSE to floss, not because my alarm clock told me to!!”

get used to the feeling of “flossed teeth” versus “not flossed teeth”

this is easier to tell if you only floss some of your teeth at a time

really try to understand that feeling of the gaps in between your teeth and where your teeth meet your gums. get to know your teeth

FFEL them…

you might find yourself flossing more often, or at least enjoying the process more, or at least have more floss lying around

Calvin Tian Li

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