An Attempt to De-centralize the Internet

I hope to minimize or even eliminate the barrier of the world-wide-web. The internet as we know it is like a centralized “virtual space” toward which all of our electronic devices connect to.

The alternative is to “de-centralize” the internet by focusing on the LAN (Local Area Network) as the primary unit, and connecting each LAN to each other directly, minimizing the need for any centralizing “virtual space.” Each device should connect to a LAN and communicate directly only with other devices on that LAN.

In order for one LAN to communicate with another…

We live in an economy of goods and services.

I argue that all services should be free, and only goods should be sold.

This would be a challenge for companies that sell services.

How would we tackle this challenge for those that are selling services?


Instead of selling your service directly, like a subscription, you sell tokens or tickets that give limited access to your service.

And you also give your customers the ability to earn tokens through various “games” you provide them. And you better make those games actually fun.

Services should be free, so they actually serve people.

The core gameplay loop:

i am always one step behind you


well first, I always think 2 steps ahead.

i think about the next step, and how that step leads into the step after it

I have envisioned the 2 steps such that it would be pretty much impossible for any outside influence to stop me from doing one step immedately in succesion to the other step.

if i were to act at this point, I would be 2 steps ahead of you

most people think about getting to the next step, but not the step after

Assuming you…


think about that thing you want

the thing you want, the next thing on your list

the if i only had that thing right now, then things will be fine

if only things were this way, if only this thing were the case

do you have that thing in mind?


what about the next thing?

what’s going to happen when you actually got the thing?

“yes! finally i got the thing! my life is complete!”

cool. but what do you do when your life is complete and you have the thing?

“oh shit. im still…

when you think like this

you are arguing

like when you are in the shower, thinking about all the things you should have said

when you were arguing with someone

so you could finally both agree

is agreement that important?

but dont let it go

in fact, never let go

keep holding that thought

Existential Communication

A style of communication that does not exist in time

Participants communicate through their innate qualities in and of themselves

The color red communicates with the color blue by being red, and the color blue communicates
with the color red by being blue

Imagine pokemon: Pikachu communicates by saying “PIka!” All pokemon simply say their own name.
Their existence says all

how to floss more

have multiple flossing locations throughout your living place

perhaps even have designated non-flossing locations as well

for example, i don’t floss in the same room i brush my teeth in. maybe this helps me remember to keep the two practices distinct and intentional

try to floss more often, even if you only floss around maybe 2 or 3 teeth.

you don’t even need to floss on a schedule, like once a day versus twice a day versus once a week.

instead, strategically place your flossing locations in areas that you already frequently go to

remember, you…

There are plenty of wealthy people with very low willingness to spend. That’s some poverty right there.


Calvin Tian Li

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